We are one! Die Flagge ist ein Symbol für unser Zuhause: Der blaue Planet auf dem wir leben.
Entdeckt die einzigartigen Fotografien von dem inspirierenden Kunstprojekt.
We are one

We need to act, and we need to act now. Our blue planet, the only spaceship we humans have in this vast universe, is in danger and we –the human family–need to act as one in order to tackle the challenges that already confront us today. It is clear that we have to change how we treat our planet in order to prevent a resource or humanitarian crisis and to secure a future for my generation, the generation after us and the generations to come.

Climate change is something no nation or region can deal with alone and threatens everyone equally, no matter whether we live in New York or Mumbai. What we need in this situation is togetherness in the human family, and this unity on Earth needs a symbol–something we can display to show we feel united with this planet, a symbol that gives a sense of belonging and hope to the people flying or waving it. A flag, an Earth Flag, a Blue Planet Flag, a One World Flag.

limited edition: only 48h available!

30% der Erlöse gehen an eine Künsterlinitiative.

The One World Flag consists of a blue dot – the most simplified symbol for our planet as the central element. As a round flag is impossible to hang the One World Flag has a unique background, something that can constantly change; The background of the flag is transparent, which means that the One World Flag is always changing, like our planet. It enables us to see our own world or home through the flag, as well as our common home the blue planet in the center.

The first step towards unity on Earth is an increasing awareness of unity amongst us earthlings, and a common symbol and identification can help creating this feeling of belonging. Let’s develop a One World Flag, as humankind needs a positive approach for the future. And it doesn’t need to be our One World Flag design: if there is a better flag design that we can agree on, let’s fly it high!

Save the date: 13. Oktober 2021

Photo Art Gallery by @OneWorld

Entdeckt die einzigartigen Fotografien von dem inspirierenden Kunstprojekt.

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